Nova announces a strategic partnership with the Design Institute of Spain (D!OS) to empower design and innovation in Spain.


Thursday, Nova announced a partnership with D!OS to promote innovation and design. D!OS is a well-recognized design institute located in Spain. This partnership aims to support and empower creatives and designers to grow by integrating innovation and automating their processes. This will modernize how creative organizations work during the ideation and strategy phases with employees and customers. With Nova, small and medium-size organizations can integrate innovation and design processes and automate those processes in a digital environment to easily work with clients around the world and grow their design and creative footprint.

"At Nova, innovation and growth are key pillars of our business," said Ro Fernandez, CEO, and Co-founder at Nova. "This partnership with D!OS allows us to empower change, growth, and innovation in a country where people are extremely talented by replacing old fragmented systems with our new digital workspace where innovation and design can prosper. This platform will provide designers and creatives with a digital, automated, and collaborative space where they can work on the most important phase of any project: the idea and the strategy."

"This is just the beginning! With our world rapidly changing and our social and environmental problems increasing, we want to keep promoting and nurturing design and innovation worldwide, but our HOW is unique. We help organizations transform their complex and fragmented processes into automated, simple, and collaborative ones so teams and organizations can spend more time developing the right solutions and strategies to solve today's challenges." - Said Ro Fernandez. "I think partnerships like this are essential, so organizations around the world know that there is a solution out there and that now is the time to put our time and resources into problem solving and collaboration. It's time to eliminate the hassle involved in the creative process and take full advantage of our human potential to thrive."

About D!OS

The Design Institute of Spain was born as a result of private initiatives as an instrument of diplomacy for design that fosters and supports the development of actions and projects that increase the competitiveness of businesses and professionals, recognizing the important role of design as a tool for growth.

About Nova

Nova is an innovation management platform that simplifies and expands your collaborative and innovation capabilities - automating and guiding you from ideation to strategy whether your team is working online, from the office, or asynchronously.

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